We’re Making Progress

by happytogethergirl

Slowly, but surely.  I have the oddest feeling lately of having a million things in my head that I think I need to do, yet also feeling like I can’t really get anything done yet.  We have to pack up our things, but still need a lot of those things to live day-to-day.  We need to open a new bank account and figure out how to switch over all of our bills without missing any, but we can’t open the new account until we move.  We need to get rid of anything that won’t fit in the trailer, but we don’t know how much won’t fit until we start packing it on Sunday.  See what I mean?  This leads to a lot of stress that I can’t actually DO anything productive about.  On the plus side it seems to have curbed my appetite so maybe some weight loss will be an unexpected bonus!

But we are making some progress.  It’s getting easier to pack things each day we get closer to the move.  I only have one more day of getting up and looking professional to go to work.  I’m pre-emptively feeling out our friends on who might need a dresser come Sunday evening.  And I’m trying to have the “serenity to accept the things I cannot change.”

Today I arranged for new car & renter’s insurance which took half the day between talking to agents, getting quotes and figuring out what we need.  Good thing I’m not needed at work anymore, really.

And speaking of work, I got an e-mail from the senior director at the Charleston school saying he “hoped to follow-up today!”  Why he couldn’t just…you know…follow up, instead of just telling me he’d be following up, I don’t know.  But it’s almost 5pm EST and I haven’t heard anything.  Which is not surprising for my company.  When they say a few days they mean a week so I’m assuming “today” means in a couple of days.  We shall see.

One more day of work, 3 more days to pack, a bunch of food to eat in the fridge…let’s do this.

~ A


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