Tiny Update

by happytogethergirl

So just after I posted my last post I got a call from the Charleston school’s director offering me the position.  I immediately accepted because I may be a lot of things, but I’m not crazy enough to turn down a guaranteed paycheck and health benefits.  I’m still digesting and deciding how I feel about the whole situation.  Here’s my pro/con list for having this job:


  • More money to do fun things in our new city
  • Steady paycheck means more money into savings which means getting a dog, having a baby and buying a house can happen sooner.
  • Guaranteed money means more fun decorations for our new apartment
  • T won’t have to feel totally stressed about being the sole breadwinner.
  • Ok, there’s really one con.  I thought of a bunch, but they’re all really just variations of “working this job makes me feel like my soul is being sucked out of me slowly.”  So it’s only one con, but it’s a biggie.
But I’m focusing on the pros and that I can still look for my dream job while we enjoy those pros.  And soon after we move it’ll be Thanksgiving and then Christmas and boy, do I love Christmas.
~ A




One Comment to “Tiny Update”

  1. Congrats!!! The con is definitely a big one, but at least this way the choice is yours of when and if you leave, and there’s no pressure in terms of absolutely having to find something right away. Fingers crossed that the dream job comes along quickly!

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