The boring stuff

by happytogethergirl

Visiting Charleston, finding favorite restaurants, searching for our new apartment, discovering we will be living 10 minutes from the beach…that was all really fun!  But these next 12 (!) days are going to be filled with a lot of not-fun stuff.  Some really, really boring and tedious stuff.  This is my list of things we need to do (in no particular order)

  • Cancel cable and return the cable box and modem.
  • Pick out and order a mattress (actually, this might be fun because I’m really jazzed to get a new mattress for our bedroom and move ours into the new guest room)
  • Update our address with the USPS and a million other places.
  • Open a new bank account and close our current one, all the while making sure that the bills that get paid automatically don’t get screwed up.
  • Get together all of the paperwork to register our cars in SC (including preparing to pay property tax on both of them, something new for us)
  • Sign up for cable in our new apt (this is important as we’d like to avoid missing any episodes of Dexter)
  • PACK the rest of our crap and figure out how we’re going to fit it in the 6’x12′ trailer we’re renting.
  • Book a hotel for our halfway there stay (I should probably get on this one soon).
  • Continue to job search in case my transfer doesn’t go through (mini update on that:  I had a second interview over the phone which went well, but they have one open position at this time and 1-2 external and 3-4 internal candidates besides myself going for it.  So it’s still way up in the air).

And I’m sure there’s even more that I’m forgetting at this moment.  I wake up in the middle of the night and remember things we need to do, but then they’re gone by the morning.  I guess I need a notepad by my bed or something.

But I just keep meditating on the fact that while it may be hard now, it’s all going to be worth in once we’re settled in.  I mean, just look at this place:

~ A


One Comment to “The boring stuff”

  1. I’m sure you’ll work out all the details, and those photos look like it’s all going to be well worth it!

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