Like a rollercoaster…

by happytogethergirl

It goes up and down!  I got an e-mail from the Senior Director of the department I would be working for at the Charleston school.  He requested a phone interview with me and I told him I’d be visiting the city in person the week of October 17th so we scheduled an in-person interview for that week.  And just like that, things are totally different.  If I keep my job we will be much more financially secure, we will have seamless health coverage, it will be easier to rent an apartment, etc.  So I’ve had to completely switch gears at work in the last week and a half.  I was in “I’m leaving so I’ll get my work done, but not kill myself stressing about work” mode and now I’m back to “I need to really excel in this position so I’m an attractive candidate to the new location!”  It’s been tough and exhausting, especially considering this is our busiest time of year.

In other news, T spoke to his boss and his boss’ boss about leaving and they were bummed (because he’s awesome!), but supportive.  They’re going to e-mail the Charleston store to let them know T is coming down there and to recommend him for a position.  We’re hoping he’ll get to have an interview while we’re in town.

We’re starting to call and e-mail about apartments to try to set up appointments to view them.  I just worry about them being spoken for before we get down there, but hey…that’s the nature of the game I guess.  It’s starting to get more exciting (and more scary) every day.  But I have an amazing partner in this adventure, so I’m not worried about a thing.  Well, not very worried, anyway 🙂


~ A


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