Always knew this was a possibility

by happytogethergirl

So I heard back from HR at the Charleston branch of the school I work for and they are fully staffed at this time.  Cue :::womp, womp::: music.  So this will make the transition a little tougher, but we always knew that both of us getting transferred was the best case scenario and not a sure thing.  I will continue to look on-line for jobs in the Charleston area and hopefully get some interviews lined up for our trip in October.

Speaking of which, we’ve decided to go down the week of Oct 17th to job and apartment hunt.  We’re still weighing the pros and cons of flying vs. driving.  If we fly, we have the expense of the tickets, the hassle of packing to TSA standards, plus the cost of a rental car.  But it would give us just one day of travel on each end.  If we drive, gas isn’t cheap and we’d probably have to pay for two more nights in a hotel in order to break up the 12 hour drive.  But we would have the option of stopping on the way down or back to see one of my best friends’ new baby twin boys who will be arriving between now and then.  Decisions, decisions.

T hasn’t talked to his job about transferring yet, hopefully soon.  His industry is more fickle and he doesn’t want to ask too soon and risk losing his job before we’re ready to leave.

So that’s where we stand as of today.  Tomorrow’s another day and who knows what will happen!

~ A


One Comment to “Always knew this was a possibility”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that my H and I just moved out of state, like you are planning. We moved from southern CA to Colorado, 1100 miles away! We ended up hiring movers for our stuff, and we each drove our cars — i got to drive with the cat in a carrier in the front seat with me. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about moving and what we’ve learned from this!

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