Small Victories

by happytogethergirl

I spoke with our regional trainer today and she said that not only should I not worry about my current office letting me go if I bring up wanting to transfer, but that it would be illegal for them to do so.  Thumbs up!  She advised me to just wait until we’re sure (I posed it as a very vague, “we might be doing this” kind of question) to talk to my supervisor and our HR department here and to keep working hard so my reports and numbers look good if the Charleston branch pulls them when I apply.  But I also just got my assessment back from National Training and I don’t mean to brag, but my scores were very good and my trainer noted that I had a lot of potential so I’m hoping that counts for something too.

Now I just have to make sure that there’s no minimum amount of time that I need to be at this location before transferring to another one.  I’m currently searching all HR documents I can find to try to figure this out before approaching my direct supervisor, but so far I haven’t found anything addressing this particular issue.

Timing wise, we have good friends getting married here on October 14 and would really like to be around to celebrate with them so it looks like the end of October/beginning of November will be when we make this happen.  I’m planning on approaching my supervisor in early September to get the ball rolling.  It’s so amazing to even think about this actually happening!

I also got to move into a cubicle with a window at work today so that made me happy too 🙂  Like the title says, small victories.

~ Allison


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