Baby Steps

by happytogethergirl

I have to keep reminding myself to take things slowly and not get ahead of myself with things I can’t do just yet. 

For example, I recently attended a National Training for my job and really got renewed and refreshed about it.  I feel good about transferring to another location and have started feeling more confident about being able to make that happen.  I want to start planning out the move right now!  However, I am going to talk to the trainer who led my break-out group soon to get her opinion on when to approach the idea of a transfer with my immediate supervisors here at this location.  What I don’t want is to tell my managers I would like to transfer and have them let me go immediately since I’ll be leaving in a few months anyway.  Because for now, I really need this job.

Another example is apartment hunting.  I have to tear myself away from Craigslist listings of places that would be perfect and affordable for us, but a) we don’t know what we can afford yet and b) everything that’s available now will be long gone by Oct/Nov!

So while it’s exciting to think about all of the possibilities, it can be frustrating as well because we’re kind of in a holding pattern at the moment.  But I’m doing my best 🙂

~ Allison


One Comment to “Baby Steps”

  1. Hang in there, soon you’ll be that much closer to me! 😉

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